Perhaps because hotels are so heavily marketed, holidaymakers seeking a vacation on the island of the gods – Bali, Indonesia – too often overlook the many benefits of renting a luxury villa for their overseas holiday.

The hotel marketers have done such a good job that official statistics show that more than 70% of visitors to Bali choose to stay in plush hotels and only 16.4% decide to experience the unique benefits of a luxury villa vacation.

Hotels are generally owned by multi-national companies that have developed a formula for running their businesses. While there are some notable exceptions, they too often build hotels based on construction templates that have proved popular elsewhere. Their aim is to cram as many guests into their establishments as is practically possible and space is at a premium. Some even build smaller furniture to fit better and give the illusion of larger space.

Villas, on the other hand, are mostly owned by private individuals who have designed their building from their hearts, like their home. Many spend time living there when the villa is not rented out, so their work hard to ensure the decor, furnishings, atmosphere and facilities are first rate.

Hotels offer single rooms for their standard rate and anyone wanting more will pay a hefty extra fee for a suite. Most of their business is couples or single travellers. They have strict rules and regulations relating to meal times, facility use and specialise in adding extra costs for whatever service you use, such as room service, laundry, telephone and internet.

The hotel business model is built on booking a single room (usually a double bed or two singles) and amplifying your booking fee as much as possible with added extras. The per head cost will usually be much more than what you would pay to book a luxury Bali villa for your vacation.

Many luxury Bali villas have four or more bedrooms and can cater for up to eight people. This makes them ideal for a group booking, whether it be by a family having a special gathering (anniversary, birthday, wedding), a club (book club, walking club, dining club, wellness club or SCUBA club), or perhaps a company running an annual corporate planning break.

The group booking factor is where the costs of renting a villa can really show great value, compared to the higher costs of hotels. For example, if the villa charged US$340 a night it would be, at first glance, up there with some of the more expensive hotels. However, when you calculate the actual per head rate is where the villa value shines. For a villa sleeping eight people and charging US$340 a night, the per head cost would be just US$42.50 a head per night, like way cheaper than a hotel fee.

The villa value does not stop there. Many of Bali’s estimated 10,000 private villas will offer further discounted rates for longer term stays of a week or more.

As to service, villas also shine ahead of the hotel experience. Many Bali villas employ local Balinese as on-site helpers to cook meals, do laundry, clean rooms and serve drinks to guests. Villa meals can be prepared to a guest’s precise requirements and they can even accompany helpers as they go to local markets to purchase groceries – a great introduction to the local Balinese culture.

Often villas will employ three or four helpers and these can even outnumber the guests, ensuring great service as it is required. The helpers are generally coordinated by a villa manager who is on call 24/7 to promptly handle any issues that arise for guests. You can be sure that you will develop a special friendship with villa managers and helpers, way beyond what would be possible if you stayed in a hotel.

Unlike hotels, which are often constructed in busy city centres near the noisey action of nightclubs, big restaurants and late night shopping, villas are more likely to be in rural areas of Bali, specifically to escape the city chaos. From your hotel window in Denpasar you are more likely to have a view of half-built hotels, construction cranes and traffic jams. You can expect to share your hotel swimming pool, if it has one, with crowds of fellow holidaymakers and to have to put up with possible late night parties, splashing and screaming, because Denpasar has become hugely popular to the younger generation seeking party time.

Unfortunately, the south of Bali too often has lost its spirituality, peace and quiet. It has sometimes become a victim of its own popularity.

From your Bali villa patio – and patios with panoramic views are a common villa feature – you can expect, instead, to see the wide ocean, with an illusion of a curved horizon, or a mountain valley and coastal plain, with sparkling night lights below.

Villas are sometimes built in the midst of villages, giving guests the opportunity to talk to local people and learn of the community culture that is very special to Bali. Villas have private swimming pools for your use only, and generally have lush gardens where you can enjoy peace and privacy.

Would you rather holiday in a luxury house, or a cramped hotel room? Would you prefer beautiful natural scenery rather than construction cranes? You choice for your next holiday should put booking a luxury Bali villa at the top of your list if you want to discover the ‘real’ Bali.

casinobonus2 made a real revolution in the industry.

Spending your time in Bali is always interesting. This island gives you everything you need for your holiday. From the white sandy beaches, the green rice field terraces, the long rivers and the cool mountain as well as the interesting culture of Balinese people. Whatever the activities you like on this paradise island, Bali villas is the perfect way of staying.

Almost all villas in Bali are located on the tranquil area with wonderful view in its surrounding. Mostly, villas in Bali are located in some area such as Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ubud, Canggu, Tanah Lot, Kerobokan, and Seminyak. It will guarantee that you can enjoy your break. Moreover, villas are also equipped with modern amenities and facilities for your comfort stay. Villas in Bali mostly feature private swimming pool, tropical garden, bathroom, kitchen with kitchenette, separate living and dining rooms.

Renting a villa for your stay in this island will give you wide chance to enjoy your time more private than if you compare with staying in a hotel. Moreover you will be brought to Balinese atmosphere with its Balinese classical design. Besides offering beautiful tropical garden with various flowers in its surrounding, usually villas in Bali also have direct access to the beach that it does not take time for you to go to the beach for your beach activities.

There are some options for you to choose a villa for your stay. You just can choose the ideal one for your holiday type. Whether you travel alone in this island and wish to have a place to enjoy your time without no one disturb you, one bedroom villa is ideal for you. Then, there are also a choice for family holiday with some choices of bedroom in your villa.

Travelers who want to enjoy private stay in the tranquil villa can simply get the information of Bali villas here. You can choose a selection of villas at your own choice and at your desire location. You will also get the discount for your villa you rent through this website. All you need now is to pack your stuff and get ready to enjoy what Bali has to offer you.

Villas are becoming good destination spots. There are more tourists today that are looking to rent a villa than a hotel room or a motel. The reason for this is simple. The independence and the privacy that a villa can offer are incomparable to that which a hotel offers. This means that you can do your thing at your own pace at a villa while at a hotel you would have to look up on different restrictions and different rules that are mandatory to follow. A villa would feel like a gorgeous vacation while a hotel would feel like just another trip. This is why there are many that are looking to choose villas over hotels for vacation spots. So what is a villa? A villa is generally an upscale country home. These homes were built as retreats and not as homes for permanent residence. Therefore you will usually find ample amount of space in a villa than you would otherwise find in a home of permanent residence. These are also much more expensive to buy than ordinary houses. People generally buy villa for a luxurious retreat or for a vacation. The most recent trend has been however to buy villas and rent them out. This has been good business because of the number of people who are opting to spend their vacation in a villa rather than a hotel. Therefore if you are buying a villa, you don’t necessarily have to stay at your villa. You can rent the villa out and your will be getting business all through the year. You have to make sure however that you have done the necessary advertising for your villa and that people know that you have a wonderful villa to rent out in the market.

There is a lot that goes into the construction of a villa. The villa is often made out of expensive stones and contains exquisite architecture. This is because the villas were meant for luxury. Therefore if you are renting out a villa for your vacation then you can expect a lot of luxury from your vacation. There are different prices for different types of villas. Therefore you need to make sure that if you are on a budget, you have the right villa for your needs. You can make a checklist for the things that you want in a villa then settle down on the right one with your choices.

There are different types of villas that come with different amenities. The ones that come with amenities like pools and tennis courts can be more expensive than the regular ones. Also the ones that come with large area of free space can be expensive. These can be booked if you are travelling with a big group. Also you should have prior information if you are travelling by your own vehicle if the villa that you are booking has parking space or not. This will ensure that you have everything that you need and want from your villa.

There’s something about Italy which cannot be described in words and sketched in your imagination. No book, no well-researched article and not even a full documented program on the Travel & living channel can do the justice to the beauty of Italy. One has to actually fly off to Italy to gasp! at its splendors and spectacular views. No wonder, the Italian wedding of Tom Cruise and George Clooney’s eye-popping villa in Italy, justifies that this European country can make tourists go weak on their knees. Popular Italian cities like Venice, Florence, Rome and Tuscany offers spectrum of attractions. Being one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations, Italy welcomes flurry of tourists every year in its best hotels.

The best hotels in Italy offer premium accommodation to the enthusiastic travelers and make their travel trip in Italy, a pleasant experience. We have short listed some of the best hotels in Italy-

Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay
Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay was built in 1960 and recently went under the renovation to match up the classic luxury standards. There are total 8 suites and all the rooms are fully furnished and spangled with necessary amenities to make the guest’s stay comfortable and luxurious. Air-conditioned rooms, mini-bar, color TV with satellite, hair dryer, wi-fi, hotel bar, discreet cocktails and musical notes played by the pianist at the background are some of the comforting amenities that guests can always look forward to enjoy here.

Aldrovandi Palace 5 stars luxury
Rome, Italy

Located in the historic area of the historic Rome, between the Villa Borghese Gardens and the Borghese Gallery, The Aldrovandi Palace Hotel is a graceful 19th century residence which is a privately managed grand hotel. Furnished in accordance with the 19th century splendor, the hotel features authentic pieces of antique furniture and luxurious fabrics. Rooms are air conditioned with needful amenities and give delightful views. The hotel boasts eight magnificent conference and banquet halls for its business travelers.

Hotel Splendide Royal Rome
Rome, Italy

Luxurious, regal and colossal defines the worth of Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome. It is a luxury five star hotel, which was a 19th century palace remodeled into a luxury hotel. Spacious architecture, richness in style, immaculate interiors and world class amenities adds a lot of grandeur to this hotel’s name, which convinces travelers to opt this place for their stay. The hotel offers premium accommodation in its 52 rooms including 17 suites.

Villa La Massa
Florence-Candeli, FI, Italy

Step into the fascinating 16th century’s Medicean Villa La Massa and you know premium luxury awaits you. The Villa La Massa was turned into a luxury hotel in 1948 and offers lodging space in its 37 rooms including 10 suites to repose and retreat.

Grand Hotel Quisisana
Capri (Napoli)

The Grand Hotel Quisisana is a five star luxury and with its top-notch facilities, it joins the list of best hotels in Italy. Originally a sanatorium built in 1845 by Scottish doctor George Clark- The Quisisana is a symbol of Capri and has total 150 rooms, including suites and junior suites. The hotel’s facilities include a gym, massage, sauna, Turkish and whirlpool baths, open air pool, a cozy indoor one, and two tennis courts.

Every year people go on luxurious vacations. Of course people tend to drift toward the tropical paradises – perhaps Hawaii or a Bermudian island. After all, when anyone travels they want to be in a relaxing environment. However, what people don’t realize is that there is a secret tropical place that is not only beautiful but also possesses some of the best spas in the world.

Bali, an Indonesian island, is a great place for travelers who want amazing beaches, friendly citizens, and breathtaking scenery. With over three millions inhabitants, Bali is home to some of the greatest artwork in the world. From dancing to sculpting and painting, this island provides a wonderful easel for the most creative.

If you are considering a vacation to Bali, it is important to know that it is usually very hot the entire year. Therefore, it is essential that you dress lightly and be respectful with your clothing. Since Bali is all about prayer and tradition, you shouldn’t show a lot of skin. For instance, if you are visiting a temple, you should wear a sarong to blend in. The last thing you want to do while you travel is disturb the peace.

Although there are hundreds of hot spots on the island, the best tourist locations are Kuta, Sanur, and Seminyak. If you are looking for a warm beach atmosphere, Kuta is the way to go. During your travel, it is important to note that the southern areas of Bali are warmer. There are dozens of lavish hotels right along the beach. These white sand beaches are amazing, especially with the abundance of coral reefs and marine life. It is a great romantic place to relax!

It is extremely important to know about the hotels when you travel to Bali. Fortunately, even if you do not have a lot to spend, there are hundreds of different options for your budget. If you are looking to save money, there are affordable Bali hotels that are still great. On the other hand, if you are looking to splurge, there are Bali villas and Bali rentals. Bali hotels are easier if you are looking for a lot of service and a great ocean view. However, there is not a lot of privacy and room service only satisfies to a point.

If you want privacy and an amazing vacation to remember, Bali villas are the way to go. These villas include air conditioned rooms, lavish bathrooms and dining rooms, complete with beautiful gardens and continuous service. This is great for a family who wants a private get away and does not have to even lift a finger. However, there are ways to save money if you decide to get a Bali villa. You can opt for a villa without around the clock service and can buy your own food from local shops. This will save a lot of money in the long run.

No matter what type of Bali villa or hotel you choose, you will have an amazing time. This crime free island will allow you to not only enjoy your vacation, but also relax on the white sand beaches with your drink in hand. It is a wonderful occurrence to be able to experience Bali’s culture and volcanoes. Regardless of what type of vacation you want, Bali will provide it for you.

Natalie aranda writes on international travel and travel planning []. Every year people go on luxurious vacations. Of course people tend to drift toward the tropical paradises – perhaps Hawaii or a Bermudian island. Bali, an Indonesian island, is a great place for travelers who want amazing beaches, friendly citizens, and breathtaking scenery. If you are looking to save money, there are affordable Bali hotels that are still great. On the other hand, if you are looking to splurge, there are Bali villas []. Bali hotels are easier if you are looking for a lot of service and a great ocean view. However, there is not a lot of privacy and room service only satisfies to a point. If you want privacy and an amazing vacation to remember, Bali villas are the way to go.

The question is often asked whether staying in a hotel or a villa is better for those planning a vacation in Florida. The answer whether you should opt to stay at a Florida villa or hotel room depends on a variety of factors.

First, you must decide on the duration of your stay. If you plan to travel for a night or two, staying at a hotel will be lot more convenient and you can avoid the extra expense of things like housekeeping. But if you plan a long vacation, then it will be more cost-effective to stay in a Florida villa. In fact, if you and your family truly want to enjoy a Florida vacation, you will have to necessarily plan for a longer vacation as the sightseeing spots in Florida are galore.

If you intend traveling with your family and the size of your family is large or you are traveling as a large group, then a Florida villa will be more ideal as you will have a lot of living space including multiple bedrooms, kitchen, dining space, living rooms etc. Again if you are a large group and plan splitting the expenses among several families or a group of friends, then it will be more economical to opt for a Florida villa than occupying multiple hotel rooms.

There is a distinct advantage to Florida villas as opposed to hotel rooms. Most villas in Florida offer you fully stocked kitchens and you save a lot of money by preparing your own meals instead of dining out every time.

But if you are the one who wants flexibility in travel arrangements, then Florida villas can be disadvantageous. Ordinarily, if you book Florida villas, you will be forced into paying for them, unless you cancel thirty days in advance. Even if you do cancel well in time, they may still charge you some cancellation fees. Most hotels, on the other hand, will let you to cancel up to the day before you travel without charging you.

Another disadvantage to a Florida villa may be the onus is on you to keep the place clean. Whereas hotels have housekeeping and daily maid service, and you may appreciate a clean room when you come back from a tiring day of sightseeing. It must therefore be said that if you do not wish to cook during your vacation nor attend to cleaning work, a Florida villa may not suit you.

Families or groups of friends looking for cozy accommodation should consider Florida Villas as they offer more flexibility, commodious space, greater degree of privacy and opportunities for better bonding. Besides, they provide a real ‘home from home’ experience and you can assuredly spend quality time with your loved ones.

There are villas and hotels galore in Florida and there is accommodation for all types of tourists in Florida and in all price ranges. If you are planning for a Florida vacation, selecting where to stay is one of the important decisions you have to make. There are lots of sources where from you can know about villas and hotels in Florida. You are bound to find the perfect holiday accommodation when in Florida and a bit of forward planning is all that is needed.

The Conde de Villa Nueva Hotel turned very soon into the most cherished lodging in Cuba, above all for the cigar smokers.

Inaugurated on February 24, 1999, during the Habano Festival, it very quickly caught the attention of many Europeans and North American that travel to Havana as businesspersons and, mainly, for buying those handmade famous cigars: the Habanos Premium.

The manager Humberto Broche Reyes and the vice manager Lilian Puig Cabrera, actually, a young married couple, are very glad with the results and the appeal of this amusement house with only nine rooms. It is a mansion of the 18 century regained from its ruins by the tourist firm Habaguanex S.A., in charge of a kind of amusement related to the history and the culture, which features a list of lodgings that counts as well on the Santa Isabel Hotel, Ambos Mundos, and the Valencia, among others located in the old area of Havana.

The Conde de Villanueva characterizes by its very colonial indoor halls with plenty of light and room, decorated with sculptures and pictures of smokers of famous habanos, vegetation and a very clear environment. As a distinctive sign, each room and dining room is named after an Island’s tobacco plantation area, such as the restaurant “Vuelta Abajo” where the offer features dishes of the Cuban cuisine from the 19th century and also contemporary, with seats for 30 customers.

We can add the coffee shop “El Corojo” and the breakfast area “Vuelta Arriba”. The Main Hall is named “Paso Real de San Diego del Valle”, arranged for lectures, for up to 60 persons, and welcoming cocktails or presentations for 100 attendees, according to the needs.

The rooms are grouped in three different types, the A (bathtub with hydro massage, street view and balcony) in which we include the suite “Vegas Trinidad” and the double “Vegas Hoyo de Monterrey” and “Vegas Hoyo de Manicaragua”. The second type, class B (bathtub, street view, and balcony) there are the “Vegas Robaina”, “Vegas de Remedios” and “Vegas de San Luis”, and as a C class (view to the indoors gallery, smaller), there are the double “Vegas de San Juan y Martinez”, “Vegas de Pinar del Río” and “Vegas Perla de Llevada”.

All rooms feature colonial style furniture made in cedar and mahogany (fine Cuban wood) and they are equipped with air conditioning system, private bathroom, telephone, safe, satellite TV, among other comforts.

Traveling would involve making a lot of decisions, like whether to travel with your family or have a romantic vacation, which place to travel and in that place the places to travel and so on. Joining this list of decisions will be an important one i.e. accommodation, where to stay. Choosing the accommodation will depend on a variety of factors like the number of people traveling, cost and amenities required etc.

Before choosing an accommodation, it is necessary to know the available options because there are varieties of options available. In this article, we will discuss briefly about one of the most famous tourist spot Florida and how to accommodate there. Let’s have a look at the three types of accommodations available at Florida.

Florida Motels

Motels are nothing but motor hotels, they are designed in such a way that the front door opens directly to the parking space, so you can always have an eye on your vehicles and loading, unloading your baggage can be done with ease.

Florida motels are just like other motels, it can be the perfect accommodation for those who wish to stay just for a night or a short duration of time and are traveling with their private transport(like car, motorbikes).

They are available at low costs and provide you with decent accommodation facilities like free daily newspaper, coin operated laundries etc.

Florida Hotels

Hotels are similar to motels and also more comfortable then motels.

Florida hotels are one of the options preferred by travelers as they are located somewhere in the center of the city and are accessible to all locations. Also lodging in the hotels could mean you could use their restaurants for eating.

The hotels in Florida provide one with a lot of facilities like room service, laundry facilities, 24 hour front desk service, conference halls, renting cars at lobby and much more.

Small families or just a couple of people will find these hotel accommodations highly comfortable at affordable costs.

Florida Luxury Villas

Villas or holiday rentals are those which are available with a kitchen facility that is the basic difference between the villas and hotels.
Florida luxury villas are the luxury accommodations true to their name, they are accommodations so perfect for the vacation that some would prefer to stay and enjoy the luxuries over there.

These villas will be the perfect accommodation for a group of friends or a family, the facilities over there range from spas, swimming pools to relax, to games rooms with billiard and games console with Xbox, Wii to get one active.

These luxury Florida vacation villas also have excellent kitchen facilities; many of them are located near to one of Florida’s favorite tourist spots, Disney world. They also have high speed internet, cable connections, DVD libraries and much more.

The main reason to choose them ahead of hotels is because if one is holidaying with a group of say ten people then these villas will always cost less per person than hotels and are more comfortable too with more room space and a lot of luxuries.

Comparing all three types of Florida accommodations, the best ones are of course Florida motels, Florida hotels and Florida luxury villas. Yes all three of them are the best accommodations and it depends on how you choose them.

You could be wasting a lot of money if you would rent a villa just for a couple of days, similarly you could be cramping yourself in a motel if you are a large number of people. Similarly lodging in a hotel with a large group for a couple of weeks will any day cost you more than the Florida luxury villas.

So choose the right accommodation that would suit you instead of getting suited for an accommodation.

When deciding on accommodations for your next vacation, many people don’t realize that there are more options than your basic two-bed and mini bar hotel room. The world of holiday rentals is growing in popularity and lucky for many travelers can be significantly more budget friendly. With the present economic state in many countries, travelers are looking for ways to save, and staying at a holiday rental is one of the finest and easiest ways to save money and have an incredible experience on your next trip!

Think of it this way, if you decide on a home rental, whether it is a villa, condo, or eight bedroom home, you have access to numerous amenities you may not get in a hotel. Full kitchen, numerous bedrooms, a backyard, and free parking are all options that you can find with holiday rentals. Travelers are able to save on multiple expenses that they would inquire by staying in a hotel; with the option to cook at the rental and free parking you could save thousands a week! This is a massive savings that many people don’t even know about!

Deciding to go with a holiday rental is often something that is well suited for groups or people or individuals with small children who need or want extra space that you cant find with a hotel. Holiday rentals are also perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway as they offer immensely more privacy. The best part is that many holiday rentals are priced competitively with the hotels in their area, meaning there is tons of savings to be had!

Vacation rentals are a great option for families as they are able to have everyone under one roof and save hundreds of dollars a night! If two families are travelling together and they find a four-bedroom rental, the amount of money they would save renting the holiday rental compared to a minimum of two hotel rooms is unmatched. With the possibility of such extraordinary savings many families now have the option to travel, where before the high cost of hotel rooms for a week or longer stay just would not have been an option.

Girlfriend getaways are another vacation option that can benefit from holiday rentals. With numerous promotions being offered now from hotels and travel companies that are tailored to girlfriend weekend getaways, many people believe that these are amazing deals; this really isn’t the case much of the time. Just like families, groups of friends or girlfriends can find great holiday rentals that come out to a fraction of the price per night of a hotel, along with many little extras and perks like a private pool or hot tub!

Many people would think that home rentals would only be fitting for groups travelling, however solo travelers can also reap the benefits of holiday rentals. Why not rent an apartment for yourself on your next business trip or solo vacation? You have privacy, a full equipped kitchen and all the amenities of home, making it a perfect option for solo travelers.

Besides the obvious cheaper accommodations, vacation rentals can also offer travelers top-notch locations! A beautiful villa only steps from the ocean, a cabin at the foot of your favorite slopes, or a condo in the heart of downtown! You will also most likely have free parking, outdoor space and many other great things that you just can’t get from a hotel.

If it’s your first time considering a holiday rental there are a few things that the budget conscious traveler should be aware of. Firstly it is important that you have a detailed rental agreement with the homeowner or property management company that details the terms of the rental along with any specifications or requests you had made and agreed upon. It would also be smart to pay by credit card, as you are able to dispute the charge with your credit card company if you are no longer given the rental after payment is made. These are some things that travelers who are new to the holiday rental industry may not know and are key to having a great first experience with holiday rentals.

There are those who think nothing of booking into a hotel wherever they go because that’s all they think of. They have never known anything else, and so – sadly – they miss out on the most convenient and affordable vacation accommodations available. But for those people in the know, there is no place like home…and there is no reason not to sleep in a real home while away from your own.

Let’s take a look at six great reasons why|are happy to provide a list of 6 reasons|have innumerated six compelling reasons why[/spin] a vacation villa should be your first choice for accommodation wherever you travel

1. If you travel with an entourage – friends, family, pets – a vacation villa rental allows you room for everyone. In fact, there might even be a room for each of you. No more fighting over who gets the pillow. Or who gets the bed. Or who sleeps on the floor with Rover. Everyone gets the bed! Everyone gets a room.

2. In fairness, a villa rental is not very economical if you travel alone. It does cost more than a hotel room. But if you travel in packs, get ready to howl at the savings. Not only can a group of 4-6 people fit comfortably into even the smallest rental villa, but it will often cost less per person than forking out for a couple hotel rooms for the week.

3. But the savings don’t end there. Have you ever calculated the cost of eating at restaurants. There is usually at least one meal for four that weighs in around $100 when tip and tax is added in. Plus breakfast. Plus lunch. Plus snacks. (Yeah, you get hungry between meals, too.) Well, it all adds up, doesn’t it? Or a you can spend more reasonable $50 a day on groceries made to your own taste, where you know they are made nutritious, where you know you won’t get food poisoning and where you can relax in privacy.

4. I said “privacy”, not “piracy”. Yes, there is much more privacy in a villa rental than in a tiny hotel room squished between two other rooms, where people knock on the door and sing in the hall, where the maid comes in and you just don’t know where to hide your purse or other valuables. A vacation villa is as private as your house.

5. The flip side of privacy is freedom.Queue the national anthem. Raise a cheer – Yay, freedom. Now that is what a vacation is all about. There is nobody blaring music until 3:00 am…unless you want there to be. Go ahead, you won’t be disturbing anybody. Just make sure the windows are all shut and play the TV, the stereo, the video games. It’s your vacation; have some fun.

6. Yes, I did say stereo and I did say TV and I did say video games, and I might have mentioned the private pool and maybe even a pool table. No hotel room comes with as many amenities as the typical vacation rental. That fight over who gets to use the hotel room bathroom last summer? The one that left you with a permanent limp? Let bygones be bygones – this year you can just use the other bathroom in your much-better-equipped vacation villa.